Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Treatment For Hairloss In Women

Save Your Hair.
Seeing your hair fall out, your brush full, the shine on your scalp and a thinning hairline is simply a nightmare.  Our hair goes through growth cycles.  The texture can change when you have a baby, menopause, a lifestyle change such as moving to a new climate, hormones, medication and products just to name a few. The thing to do is to take charge. Save your hair. If you are taking hormones or medication and see your hair thinning something needs to be adjusted. When the weather gets hotter our hair naturally sheds. Here in southern California I notice my clients hair will shed more this time of year, October and November because we are having hot Santa Ana winds and our air is very dry.  Using products with oil  can make your hair slip from the follicle.  Products that do not move dirt and oil from the scalp such as conditioning cleansers can smother the scalp and cause hair loss.Stress can cause alopecia areata.
Here is what we do to treat hair loss and to prevent our hair from falling out. We use Thic. After towel drying our hair we spray on Thic. The naturceutical formula has natural caffeine the hair growth stimulator.  Japanese herbs increase the bulb size therefore increasing the thickness of each individual hair. Thicker hair means less scalp is showing. Thic reduces fallout and promotes growth. We also take Biosil. Biosil offers us thirteen percent more hair in six months. We take it everyday and we have thicker hair.
A good cut. Stop the slithering. Slithering actually burns and destroys the hair shaft. Cutting into the hair thins it as well. Your hair will feel thin and weak. This is miserable to grow out.  Find yourself a hairdresser who can cut  hair and make it thicker.
Meditation and relaxation are key. Going through a divorce or loss of a loved one can  cause hair loss. Be kind to your hair get Thic. Thic really helps you get through the rough patches. Breakage and frizzing will disappear. Your hair will be thicker, healthier and shiny.We love our hair. Available at

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Discount Coupons For Beauty And Fitness

The Beauty Clips
Get discounts on beauty and fitness. 
The first site for beauty and fitness professionals to advertise their  products or services for  free. Professionals can increase their income and attract new clients by creating coupons with their easy to use interface. The word is out TheBeautyClips is free advertising for the beauty professional. Read the tony column  on the front page of the site for the latest trends from the runway. Best kept secret: browse the coupons and steal some deals where ever you are.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hair For Spring

Rock Glamour.
A look ahead.  Post sex texture and eye grazing fringe gives hair a seventies update. Designed by Sam McKnight for Tom Ford Spring RTW 15 the shag rules. Debbie Harry and Chrissie Hind inspired the look.  Razor cut layers with side swept fringe were drenched in mousse.  Give your tired bob a new look with messy layers. The look gives fine thin hair loads of body. Judaysia Mousse gets the look done and gives it all day hold. Available at

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Julianne Hough

The New Bob.
Every season the bob gets an update.  Chin length will add volume to baby fine hair. Style with a side part and keep the look relaxed and undone. 

Kristen Wigg

The look: Relaxed. Fine hair looks modern and sexy. It's all in the cut.