Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bangs For Thin Hair

The Big Bang

Hair for Spring/ Summer 16 saw the return of the heavy bang. Rounded and hitting just below the eyebrow is a little bit sexy. Fine and thin hair will look thicker with a heavier bang. Having your bangs a bit longer on the edges prevents spaces when you wear your hair up. Backstage stylists used Judaysia Your Highness to give bangs all day hold and shine. Your Highness can be used on dry hair as well to reshape your bangs the second day.  Available at

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Hair For Spring

 Bye Bye Blowdry
It’s all in the cut. A city version of beach hair is trending now. Wash and wear hair makes the cut and color the focal point. From New York to Milan easy relaxed hair saw the end of the blow dry. Backstage hairdresser’s finger combed hair. Hair was washed and left to air-dry making the cut the most important element this season. Volumtechnics Haircutting developed by Judaysia is the cut of choice.  Volumtechnics builds body into fine, limp and thin hair. The cut stands on its own so your hair can air dry.  Call Judaysia for an appointment.  Visit

Friday, December 04, 2015

Hair For Fall

Come Undone
Hair has one very clear common thread: relaxed and healthy. The trend is softer more natural texture with a spritz of thickening or lifting spray. Blow-drying your hair into straight uniformity or pressing it flat with the iron has seen its day. Take a que from the easy waves at Versus and mist Judaysia Holy Water onto air-dried hair for a slept-in texture. For a seventies inspired style- gently tease out a little volume with a big fat comb and give it a spritz of Judaysia Your Highness. Available at  

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Robert Collins

Big Love
When I met Bob I was working for a tabloid writing on bar napkins. Now fourteen years later I am writing about him. He was a great source of inspiration. I wrote books about him,  I Found Love in the Valley, Bob’s Jokes and  the forth coming Dume Room just to name a few.  He always encouraged me to write. Bob wasgreat copywriter and artist. He always gave my stories the final touch. I lost him on Nov.5. A rugged handsome man who wore jeans and boots. We were leather and lace. A California man with a heart so big heaven can’t hold him. Bob was the love of my life. Visit his tribute site Dedicated to Bobby C. 1955-2015. I love you, Judaysia

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Haircut For Spring

The Mop
Layers, layers, layers. One of the hottest looks for spring is the The Mop.Designed by Guido Palau the cut is perfect for fine, limp and thin hair. The look is easy to style and can be worn on women of all ages. Keep your hair shiny and healthy with Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo. Available at

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mens Hair Fall Winter 2015

Long hair for men reigned supreme for Fall/ Winter 2015. Masculine male models ruled the runway with long locks. In keeping with the neo-seventies trend, hair fell past the shoulders. Straight or rumpled, a middle part worked with all hair types. To keep your hair healthy and shiny, wash it every day. Keeping oil and dirt from building up on the scalp promotes growth. Judaysia VS Volumizing Shampoo (seen backstage) was the stylist’s natural choice. Formulated with plants and flowers (many from Ventura) the holistic blend promotes growth and a healthy scalp.  Model’s hair was washed and toweled dried. Judaysia Mousse was applied and combed through to the ends. Hair was blown dry. Available at

Monday, September 14, 2015



Seen at: Gucci, Saint Laurent and Paul and Joe. The season’s most daring accessory.  Dare to wear the beret. Love it in red velvet.